Review: A biopic drama in which screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz races to finish the screenplay of Citizen Kane (1941).
Director: David Fincher
Actors: Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Pelphrey, Arliss Howard, Tuppence Middleton, Monika Gossmann, Joseph Cross, Sam Troughton, Toby Leonard Moore, Tom Burke, Charles Dance, Ferdinand Kingsley, Jamie McShane and Jack Romano
Year: 2020
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama and History
Conclusion: 2/5
The best performance in this I thought was Charles Dance. I always find he gives 100% in all the films that he acts in plus he has got a really strong presence about him. I could just watch him for hours. The script was written by David Fincher’s late father, Jack Fincher. I did feel that the film was too long drawn out. I do feel that it is a film that you can watch but only if you know and have watched Citizen Kane (1941) then it is a film that as a viewer you would understand more than just coming straight into it not knowing anything. The last theatrical film that David Fincher directed was Gone Girl (2014). Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman both starred together in Red Riding Hood (2011). At the Bafta Awards in 2021 this won one award for Best Production Design. At the Academy Awards in 2021 this won two Oscars for Best Achievement in Production Design and also Best Achievement in Cinematography. 

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