Review: Set on the French Riviera in the summer of 1915. Jean Renoir, son of the Impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste, returns home to recuperate after being wounded in World War I. It is also about the arrival of a young woman named Andrée who was the painters last model and who also fell in love with Jean.
Director: Gilles Bourdos
Actors: Michel Bouquet, Christa Theret, Vincent Rottiers, Thomas Doret, Romane Bohringer, Solene Rigot, Carlo Brandt and Thierry Hancisse
Year: 2012
Genre: Art House, Biography, Drama, History and International
Conclusion: 2/5
Official submission of France to the Oscars 2014 best foreign language film category. A French subtitled film. The imagery is very grand. It is perhaps a bit too long for my liking especially with not much of a story to get behind and to know enough about. The whole direction and pace was very slow. I do feel like there could be a sequel to this although I wouldn’t want to wish it on the actors or the viewers. 


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