Fisherman’s Friends


Review: Ten fishermen from Cornwall are offered the chance to sign a record deal by Universal Records. Their aim is achieve a top ten hit with their debut album, Sea Shanties.
Director: Chris Foggin
Actors:  James Purefoy, Daniel Mays, Tuppence Middleton, David Hayman, Christian Brassington, Sarah Winter, Dave Johns, Noel Clarke, Jade Anouka, Christopher Villiers, Maggie Steed, Jo Hart, Sam Swainsbury, Oliver Wellington and Julian Seager
Year: 2019
Genre: Art House, Comedy, Drama, International and Musical
Conclusion: 4/5
Based on a true story. A film that could have gone either way, as it was always at risk of becoming too cheesy. However I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It had me laughing and crying at the same time. There were lots of things wrong with it but they managed to get away with it. Both Daniel Mays and Tuppence Middleton give fantastic performances. Great to see two actors from Poldark make an appearance, Christian Brassington (Poldark, 2017-2018) and Julian Seager (Poldark, 2015). I was surprised that Tristan Sturrock didn’t have a little part in the film. I did think that any minute the likes of Julie Walters would walk in and have a part. I did think that the story talked about the River Tamar a bit too much. There were scenes that I found very moving, scenes that made me laugh and also scenes that I didn’t think worked so well. Lovely to see the stunning scenery of Cornwall. It made me want to get into my car and drive down there, especially as I was down in Port Isaac in the summer. It is a very charming, sweet, goofy and fun film. This did remind me a bit of Finding Your Feet (2017).  This film could have become just another corny British feel-good drama full of the usual cast of local characters and predictable plot lines. Fortunately it is much better than that. I do think that it helps being based on a true story. The writer and director have been respectful of the choir and Cornwall itself. The themes that occur in this are friendships, betrayal and redemption.


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