The Company of Wolves


Review: A 13 year old girl falls asleep while reading a magazine in a country manor. She has a disturbing dream which involves wolves prowling in the woods below her bedroom window.
Director: Neil Jordan
Actors: Sarah Patterson, Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Graham Crowden, Brian Glover, Stephen Rea, Georgia Slowe and Richard Morant
Year: 1984
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi
Conclusion: 4/5
This is a very dark variation on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. This is definitely not a children’s film. Neil Jordan didn’t hold auditions for the part of the granny. He offered it directly to Angela Lansbury as soon as the project was up and running. The movie is based on a novel and a screenplay by Angela Carter. The girl dreams many variations on the same theme, one of them is that men may turn out to be wolves, and that little girls should never, ever, stray from the path through the woods. The tagline in this film is “A wolf is sometimes much more than he seems” – Granny. 


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