London Symphony


Review: A brand new silent film which offers a poetic journey through the capital. It is an artistic snapshop of what it looks like today. It is a celebration of diversity, culture, architecture and religion.
Director: Alex Barrett
Actors: Adam Hickey, Pamela Hutchinson and Phil Abel
Year: 2017
Genre: Art House, Documentary, International and Music
Conclusion: 4/5
I love the score in this by James McWilliam, as he has explored the different moods and melodies of London. This covers all the boroughs of London and is filmed over 300 locations. It starts off showing us new buildings in London and then moves onto old buildings. It takes us into different parks, different religious buildings etc. This film takes us back to what film was like in the 1920’s. It took four years to make with a team of two cinematographers and generating over a 100 hours of raw footage. This is very much like Man with a movie camera, 1929.


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