Review: Based on real events that took place during the summer of the 1967 Detroit Riots in which three young African-American men were murdered at the Algiers Motel.
Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Actors: John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Algee Smith, Will Poulter, Jack Reynor, Kaitlyn Dever, Ben O’Toole and John Krasinski
Year: 2017
Genre: Crime, Drama and History
Conclusion: 4/5
From the same director who made The Hurt Locker, 2008 and also Zero Dark Thirty, 2012. A film that has divided so many film critics. There are so many moving scenes in this especially when a group of lads decide to form a band but it had to be cancelled. One of them goes out onto the stage and performs his song in front of an empty concert hall. John Boyega gives a brilliant performance. I almost would have liked to have seen him in it more. He actually had the opportunity to meet and acquaint himself with the real-life person he portrays in the film. The most outstanding performance for me was Will Poulter and it’s great to see him take on different roles and was just so shocked and surprised at what a great actor he is. Kathryn Bigelow has used the same cinematographer who worked on Captain Phillips (Barry Ackroyd), 2013 and also they have worked together on The Hurt Locker, 2008. Very well edited and put together. This has got to be my favourite Kathryn Bigelow film. She is the first woman director to win an Oscar (Academy Award) for Best Director for The Hurt Locker in 2010.


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