The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others
Review: This film is set in November 1984 East Berlin before the fall of the Wall. Captain Gerd Wiesler is an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer, Christa-Maria Sieland and his lover Georg Dreyman. Captain Gerd Wiesler finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by their lives and opens him up to a new way of life.
Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Actors: Ulrich Muhe, Martina Gedeck and Sebastian Koch
Year: 2006
Genre: Art House, Drama, International and Thriller
Conclusion: 4/5
This is set in the same sort of era as Wings of Desire. Also a German film with English subtitles. The original title for this film is Das Leben der Anderen. This is a complicated film which is handled very sensitively both helped by the screenplay and also by the directing. All the performances from the actors were exceptional and powerfully acted. At the Oscar Awards in 2007 this won one Academy Award and that was for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. At the Bafta Awards in 2008 this also won one award for Best Film Not in the English Language. This is very moving and thought provoking. 

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