The Lost King


Review: An inspiring true story, amateur historian Philipa Langley searches for the grave of King Richard III. His remains were lost for over 500 years.
Director: Stephen Frears
Actors: Sally Hawkins, Shonagh Price, Helen Katamba, Lewis Macleod, Steve Coogan, Benjamin Scanlan, Adam Robb, Harry Lloyd, Robert Jack, John-Paul Hurley, James Rottger, Jessica Hardwick, David Ireland and Alison Peebles
Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Conclusion: 3/5
A perfect role for Sally Hawkins. I enjoyed seeing Steve Coogan who I thought toned his performance right down. Sally Hawkins, I felt made her role look easy but she had to show how vulnerable her character was and also her strength at the same time. She also had to show how her character was always on the brink of cracking and very fragile. Maybe Sally Hawkins likes these parts as she played a similar character in Made in Dagenham (2010) and also Shape of Water (2017). Part of me at the end made me wonder and think how her family had a lot to put up with her going off all the time. What I didn’t feel in the film was the amount of time and years she took researching King Richard III at the beginning and also how she ended up in Leicester in the car park. This may sound ridiculous but it did remind me of the film The Dig (2021). The real Philipa Langley makes an appearance near the end of the film and is seen seated in the choir for the re-burial of Richard III. There was never really a scene that made me feel really emotional, like I imagined before watching this.


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