Rogue Agent


Review: Conman Robert Freegard masquerades as a MI5 agent and kidnaps countless victims and fooling them into going into hiding amidst a high-stakes manhunt, and the woman who fell for him then bring him to justice.
Directors: Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson
Actors: James Norton, Matthew Douglas, Rob Malone, Marisa Abela, Freya Mavor, Peter Heenan, Gemma Arterton, Julian Barratt, Jimmy Akingbola, Simon Chandler, Melissa Collier, Shazad Latif, Luke Pierre and Sarah Goldberg
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama, Crime and Thriller
Conclusion: 2/5
Fantastic cast with the likes of James Norton, Gemma Arterton and Freya Mavor. I thought it was very well directed. I always enjoy films based on true life events. This was a very tense and frightening and also quite thought provoking. The film deals with themes of emotional manipulation, trust and deceit.

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