The Young Offenders


Review: Two teenage boys from Cork steal bicycles and cycle 160km on a quest to find a missing bale of cocaine worth 7,000,000 euros and on the way are pursued by the police. Inspired by real events of Ireland’s seizure in 2007 of 440 million euros.
Director: Peter Foott
Actors: Alex Murphy, Chris Walley, Hilary Rose, Dominic MacHale, Ciaran Bermingham, Tommy Harris and Frank Prendergast
Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure, Comedy and Crime
Conclusion: 3/5
I thought that it was a brilliant film. I started laughing right at the beginning and was laughing right till the end. I thought Hilary Rose was fantastic as the mum. Alex Murphy and Chris Walley were terrific. I think we will see plenty more of Chris Walley in the future. I thought the whole film was very moving and touching. A very charming film indeed. I am a huge fan of the TV series and the film did not disappoint.


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