Save the Cinema


Review: The story of Liz Evans, a hairdresser in Carmarthen, Wales who started a campaign in 1993 to save the Lyric theatre from closure. They contact Steven Spielberg for help and to host a special premier,
Director: Sara Sugarman
Actors: Louisa Cliffe, Krrish Patel, Jonathan Pryce, Beatie Edney, Samantha Morton, Owain Yeoman, Maya Millard, Harry Luke, Joe Hurst, Sue Roderick, Adeel Akhtar, Susan Wokoma and Dora Davis
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
Conclusion: 3/5
Inspired by a true story. This is a charming little film. There is nothing wrong with it but after watching this it is a film you won’t really be thinking about again. If you just want to switch off at the end of the week maybe on a Friday evening and you don’t care what you are watching then this is the film. I think Jonathan Pryce is fantastic and think he has got a lovely voice (he is also in The Two Popes, 2019 film). All the characters are likeable. A very cheesy but enjoyable film.


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