Red River


Review: Thomas Dunson starts a thriving Texas cattle ranch but will do anything to protect his way of life. Dunson and Matt lead a cattle drive to Missouri although the crotchety older man and young partner begin to find the journey exhausting.
Director: Howard Hawks and Arthur Rosson
Actors: John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan, Coleen Gray, Harry Carey, John Ireland, Noah Beery Jr., Harry Carey Jr., Chief Yowlachie, Paul Fix, Hank Worden, Mickey Kuhn, Hal Taliaferro, John Bose, Buck Bucko and Roy Bucko
Year: 1948
Genre: Drama and Western
Conclusion: 5/5
One of the greatest westerns ever made. Here we have fantastic performances. I have to say that this is John Wayne’s finest performance. I thought the cinematography was very stunning. I very much enjoyed the musical score. At the time of making this film the Texas Longhorn cattle were nearly extinct, so the few available had to be carefully placed for each new angle. Just one of the most famous quotes from this film is “We brought nothing into this world and it’s certain we can carry nothing out” – Thomas Dunson. In 2012 the late film critic Barry Norman produced a list in the Radio Times of 101 Greatest Films of all Time and this film was listed as one of them.

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