Die Hard


Review: John McClane joins in his estranged wife’s holiday party in the headquarters of the business she works for at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. The festivities are interrupted by a group of terrorists who take over the headquarters. New York City policeman realizes that there is only him who can save the hostages.
Director: John McTiernan
Actors: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald VelJohnson, Paul Gleason, De’voreaux White, William Atherton, Hart Bochner, James Shigeta, Alexander Godunov, Andreas Wisniewski, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Lorenzo Caccialanza, Dennis Hayden and Al Leong
Year: 1988
Genre: Action and Thriller
Conclusion: 5/5
Based on a novel called “Nothing Lasts Forever”. This is the first film which then launched a franchise. Standing in at 131 minutes this is the longest Die Hard movie. One of the finest performances from Alan Rickman. This also catapulted Bruce Willis into a global star. The part of John McClane had originally been offered to Robert De Niro and Richard Gere but they both turned the role down. This is very well directed by John McTiernan. One of the most violent films ever made, as well as being a very enjoyable action movie. This is a film that works on multiple levels. One being that the script is so well written as there are plenty of jokes and memorable one-liners. Believe it or not, the fictional Nakatomi Plaza is the headquarters of 20th Century Fox. This film is a classic and one you can still watch to this present day and enjoy.


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