Eternal Beauty


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Review: Jane struggles with her mental health and her schizophrenia. Both combined disrupt her hopes of finding love and also her relationship with her family.
Director: Craig Roberts
Actors: Sally Hawkins, Morfydd Clark, Robert Pugh, Natalie O’Neill, Elysia Welch, Penelope Wilton, Boyd Clack, Billie Piper, Rita Bernard-Shaw, Alice Lowe, Paul Hilton, Robert Aramayo, Kas Maghani and David Thewlis
Year: 2019
Genre: Comedy, Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 3/5
I found this to be a very hard and uncomfortable film to watch. What I did like about this film was that you saw the story through Sally Hawkins’s character. I enjoyed the camerawork and cinematography. Even though it is a comedy it is not a laugh out loud comedy but more of what you call a black comedy. Sally Hawkins once again gives a great performance.


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