Promising Young Woman


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Review: A young woman named Cassie is traumatized by a tragic event from her past. An unexpected encounter is about to give her the chance to right the wrongs from her past and to seek out revenge against those people who crossed her path.
Director: Emerald Fennell
Actors: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Adam Brody, Ray Nicholson, Sam Richardson, Timothy E. Goodwin, Clancy Brown, Jennifer Coolidge, Laverne Cox, Alli Hart, Loren Paul, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Gabriel Oliva
Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama and Thriller
Conclusion: 4/5
This is Emerald Fennell’s feature directorial debut. I think this is best described as a marmite film where you are either going to love the film or hate it. I have to say that I actually really enjoyed it. It is a really clever film in the way that there are so many issues in it that tie up with what sort of problems we are dealing with in our day-to-day society at the moment. I think it handles all the situations so sensitively that you can’t take offence with. At the Academy Awards in 2021 this won one award for Best Original Screenplay (Emerald Fennell). At the Bafta Awards in 2021 this won 2 awards for Best Screenplay (Original) – (Emerald Fennell) and for Outstanding British Film of the Year.


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