Made in Italy


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Review: A widowed artist travels from London to Italy with his estranged son to renovate and repair a dilapidated house in Tuscany and then with a view to sell the house he inherited from his late wife.
Director: James D’Arcy
Actors: Yolanda Kettle, Micheal Richardson, Souad Faress, Liam Neeson, Lindsay Duncan, Valeria Bilello, Helena Antonio, Marco Quaglia, Gian Marco Tavani, Eileen Walsh, Flaminia Cinque
Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy, Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 2/5
This is James D’Arcy’s first theatrical fill feature length film. There is nothing new or original to see from watching this film. I thought that the script could have been worked on a lot more and I found it quite lame. The pacing of the film was very slow moving. The young son who is played by Micheal Richardson is Liam Neeson’s real life son. If you do want to watch a film with nice Tuscan scenery and not have to think about the storyline/plot then this is the film for you.


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