Lynn and Lucy


Review: Lynn and Lucy are have been friends their whole lives and their relationship is as intense as any romance. When Lucy becomes pregnant and has a baby boy she finds motherhood hard work and does not react well. They both find their friendship tested in extreme circumstances.
Director: Kyzal Boulifa
Actors: Nichola Burley, Jennifer Lee Moon, Roxanne Scrimshaw, Jordan Long, Jack Shalloo, Christopher Patrick Nolan, Samson Cox-Vinell and Tim Berrington
Year: 2019
Genre: Crime, Drama and Mystery
Conclusion: 4/5
Fantastic film!! One way you could look at this film is as a Greek Tragedy in the way it plays out. I found it to be a really interesting film. It deals with a really sensitive subject matter. Very well directed by first time director Kyzal Boulifa. Watching this I didn’t even think for one second that the two main actors were acting. All the way through I was just thinking that it could be a true story. Lovely to watch a film like this where you don’t know the director or the actors. I thoroughly enjoyed this film all the way through. I just enjoyed seeing something completely different. One thing I wasn’t expecting though was the really strong language used. Watching this you wouldn’t be surprised if director Ken Loach was behind it and had a part to play. A really powerful film. 


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