Last Christmas


Review: Kate is a young woman who works as an elf in a year round Christmas store. Nothing seems to be going in the right direction for her until she meets a customer called Tom there and he helps her confront some of the shortcomings in her life.
Director: Paul Feig
Actors: Madison Ingoldsby, Emma Thompson, Boris Isakovic, Emilia Clarke, Maxim Baldry, Margaret Clunie, John-Luke Roberts, Michelle Yeoh, Patti LuPone, Lydia Leonard, Henry Golding, Michael Addo and Peter Mygind
Year: 2019
Genre: Comedy, Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 3/5
An awful film in some ways, but a lot of fun. Superbly written by Emma Thompson and Greg Wise. Emma Thompson reportedly started working on this script in 2010. I love Henry Golding and think he is fantastic. He also starred in Crazy Rich Asians (2018) which I really enjoyed. Michelle Yeoh was also in Crazy Rich Asians. Emilia Clarke was in Me Before You (2016). Throughout this whole film she did all of her own singing. The last film that I watched that Paul Feig directed was Spy (2015) which I also really enjoyed. It is lovely to see a film that is all filmed in London. In order for them all to avoid the crowds, many scenes started filming around 2 a.m. The themes that this film has are loneliness and homelessness. There are some references to do with Brexit. It is a joyous and uplifting film. Even though George Michael and Wham were a bit before my time, I still enjoyed the music and the songs. Apparently, George Michael worked at a homeless shelter, although anonymously. At the time of this release the critics really didn’t like this film and gave it bad reviews. It is not brilliant but I really enjoyed it. 

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