That Sinking Feeling


Review: Ronnie, Wal, Andy and Vic are a group of unemployed young men in Glasgow. Ronnie has come up with a plan to steal stainless steel sinks after noticing that they are worth a lot of money.
Director: Bill Forsyth
Actors: Tom Mannion, Eddie Burt, Richard Demarco and Robert Buchanan
Year: 1979
Genre: Comedy, Crime and Drama
Conclusion: 4/5
Bill Forsyth’s debut feature film. Apparently this film went into the Guinness Book of Records as officially the least expensive feature film ever to be released in the UK. In 1984 there was an American cinema release in which the Scottish accents were dubbed to make them clearer. This film has all the qualities you want from an indie movie; it is affectionate, funny, dark and melancholy. 


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