For Sama


Review: This documentary explores the story of Waad Al-Kateab’s life through five years of the uprising in Aleppo.
Director: Waad Al-Kateab and Edward Watts
Actors: Waad Al-Kateab, Hamza Al-Khateab and Sama Al-Khateab
Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary and War
Conclusion: 4/5
A very powerful and harrowing documentary of war torn Aleppo, Syria. This is a very hard watch indeed. In 2016 Waad Al-Kateab fled to safety in Turkey but is now a resident of the UK. She started making the film at the age of 21 and carried on filming over the next five years. In this time she captured over 500 hours of footage. This did remind me in many ways of a film called A Syrian Love Story (2015), which again was filmed over 5 years and is a documentary. At the Bafta Awards in 2020 this won for Best Documentary. 


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