Swept from the Sea


Review: Tells the story of a Russian immigrant Yanko Goorall who is the only survivor from a shipwreck. Amy is the only one who is not afraid of him and helps him. He also becomes like a son for Dr. James Kennedy. This has passion and tragedy in. A film set in Cornwall. This is a haunting tale of courage.
Director: Beeban Kidron
Actors: Rachel Weisz, Vincent Perez, Ian McKellen, Kathy Bates, Joss Ackland, Tony Haygarth, Fiona Victory, Tom Bell, Zoe Wanamaker, William Scott-Masson, Roger Ashton-Griffiths and Matthew Scurfield
Year: 1997
Genre: Art House, Drama, International and Romance
Conclusion: 3/5
Also known as Amy Foster: Swept from the Sea. This is a short story by Joseph Conrad. A rather unusual role for Ian McKellen to play and one of his lesser known films. He plays his character very sincerely. Thinking about this film after I did think that it was Dr. James Kennedy who really wanted to be with Yanko as much as he could. He was also rude to Amy; looking at this scene again you could say that he was partly jealous of their relationship and what they had together. I thought Rachel Weisz was brilliant and one of her very first films. I very much enjoyed the musical score by John Barry. I particularly loved the scenery, especially with it being filmed in Cornwall. This being one of my favourite places to visit although I expect a lot of readers will feel the same and I am not alone. This film is by no means perfect and does have its flaws but I really enjoyed it and have now watched it a few times. 


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