Lemon Tree


Review: The story of a Palestinian widow who lives on the Palestinian West Bank. A Israeli minister of defence builds a house adjacent to her own. Her lemon trees are deemed a security risk and he wants the lemon grove town down. She must now defend her lemon tree field which was planted by her great grand parents. 
Director: Eran Riklis
Actors: Hiam Abbass, Ali Suliman, Doron Tavory, Tarik Kopty, Amos Lavi, Amnon Wolf, Liron Baranes, Ayelet Robinson, Amos Tamam, Loai Nofi, Hili Yalon and Makram Khoury
Year: 2008
Genre: Art House, International, Drama, Romance and War
Conclusion: 4/5
The original title for this film is Etz Limon. Watching this film was like watching a true story. I believed in all the characters and thought they were real. It was like going on a journey with them all. Hiam Abbass is brilliant and gave a fantastic performance. The cinematography is well done and gives us a glimpse into what the country is like. There are many people facing this dilemma. 


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