The Ladykillers


Review: Five oddball criminal types are planning a bank robbery. They rent rooms in a cul-de-sac from a widow and tell her that they are classical musicians.
Director: Alexander Mackendrick
Actors: Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Danny Green, Jack Warner, Katie Johnson and Frankie Howerd
Year: 1955
Genre: Art House, Classics, Comedy, Crime, Drama and International
Conclusion: 4/5
One of the best films to come out of Ealing Studios. Such a classic film. This was also the last comedic film to come out of the studio. The script is very well written and very witty at times. It was actually William Rose (the scriptwriter) who claimed to have dreamed the entire story from start to finish. Alexander Mackendrick does a fantastic job directing this film. The only criticism that I have about this film is that I did find that half way through it lost its way a bit and didn’t quite know what to do or where next to go. The best way to describe this film is that it is a very funny dark comedy. At the Bafta Awards in 1956 this won for Best British Actress (Katie Johnson) and also for Best British Screenplay. 


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