Dr. No


Review: James Bond goes on a quest of a missing colleague and also to end the US space program.
Director: Terence Young
Actors: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Bernard Lee, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Anthony Dawson, Zena Marshall, John Kitzmiller, Eunice Gayson, Lois Maxwell, Peter Burton and Marguerite LeWars
Year: 1962
Genre: Action, Adventure, Classics and Thriller
Conclusion: 5/5
This is the first film starting off the Bond franchise. It is a type of film that people had never seen before. The excitement must have been so electrifying at the time of release. There couldn’t have been a greater actor to start the franchise off. It gets off to a great start with terrific action sequences. The script is written in a very witty style. This is the first of three times James Bond’s apartment is shown, the second time being in Live and Let Die (1973), and the third being in Spectre (2015). As good as this film is, James Bond creator Ian Fleming, after watching the film reportedly described it as being, “Dreadful. Simply Dreadful”. According to the BBFC website more versions of this work have been cut but the details are no longer available. In 2013 the late film critic Barry Norman produced a list in the Radio Times of the Top 50 British Films and this was one of the films listed. At the Golden Globe Awards in 1964 Ursula Andress won for Most Promising Newcomer – Female.




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