The Secret in Their Eyes


Review: Benjamin Esposito is a retired legal counsellor. He decides to write a novel in the hope that he can find closure on one of his past homicide cases and also his unreciprocated love for his superior. Both of these have happened but it still haunts him decades later.
Director: Juan Jose Campanella
Actors: Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil and Pablo Rago
Year: 2009
Genre: Art House, Drama, International, Romance and Thriller
Conclusion: 4/5
This is an Argentinian film so therefore the original title for this is El Secreto de Sus Ojos. Based on a novel by Eduardo Sacheri. All of the performances are excellent. A very watchable and well-made film. This can be harrowing at times. The main theme in this is the important role of memory in our lives. At the Academy Awards in 2010 this won 1 Oscar and that was for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year.


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