Beauty and the Beast


Review: An adaptation fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.
Director: Bill Condon
Actors: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Hattie Morahan, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci
Year: 2017
Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance and Sci-Fi
Conclusion: 4/5
From Disney comes this epic live action re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. This did remind me a bit of Cinderella, 2015. Emma Watson is perfect as Belle but like I said in my Cinderella review I could see Amanda Seyfried taking the lead role if Emma Watson wasn’t available. However she was considered at the start to play Belle. Also Emma Thompson was amazing but I could see someone like Martine McCutcheon doing that role. As you can see from above a star studded cast although you don’t really get to see them that much in person. I loved Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor’s script. I thought it was very witty at times. Also just want to say how well designed the clock is and also the Beast. The CGI company have done an amazing job. Emma Watson was brilliant although I did feel that her voice wasn’t very strong although to prepare herself for the role she did start to take part in singing classes. There is a scene where she was up on a hill and it reminded me of The Sound of Music (1965). It was lovely to see Dan Stevens take on the Beast. Great to see him back with his blonde hair at the end!! Ryan Gosling was offered the role of the Beast, but he turned it down to star in La La Land (2016). Luke Evans was a very strong character and you believed in him. The opening scenes were amazing especially the one of everyone dancing in the hall at the start. I would have liked that to have been a bit longer. The costumes were just incredible. So much thought must have gone into each of the characters. The songs were fantastic although when I came away I felt I couldn’t really sing any of them. This is a PG certificate and I did think it was too scary to take really small children to go and see it. I was surprised at how dark some of the scenes were. Alan Menken scored the original Beauty and the Beast (1991) and is now back scoring this version. At the start of The Beauty and the Beast song I could feel myself starting to cry!!


2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Beth – superb review as always!! Agreed with all of this! Going to listen back to the soundtrack now x

  2. Great review Beth. I loved it but think you’re spot on about the similarities to Cinderella, Sound of Music and possibly even Les Mis (particularly the Beasts solo song)? I teared up throughout, loved the dance scenes – so much work and effort, and the light relief and twist of the classic Lefou.

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