Whisky Galore!

Review: A group of Scottish Islanders run out of whisky. The people on the island try to collect the 50,000 cases of whisky which is on a stranded ship nearby.
Director: Alexander Mackendrick
Actors: Basil Radford, Joan Greenwood and Catherine Lacey
Year: 1949
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Conclusion: 4/5
This is a film that was bought back and re-released back in 2011. Looking on the IMDB page it does say that there is going to be a re-make of this due out in 2016. No details as follows. If anyone ever gets the chance to see it either on television or however they can I would recommend it to all. This was originally a novel by Compton Mackenzie. A very funny English film. You will find yourself laughing out loud. The direction in this was superb by director Alexander Mackendrick. Fantastic acting by all of the ensemble cast (e.g. Joan Greenwood and Catherine Lacey) but it was really Basil Radford who gave a standout performance and also carried the whole film through. This is a story showing a united community successfully challenging officialdom and also authority that transcends generations and cultures. In the US, the title for this film and novel was called “Tight Little Island”. This was because there was a ban at the time on using names of alcoholic drinks in titles. Apparently there was a sequel to this film called Rockets Galore (1958). According to the BBFC website when Whisky Galore originally came out it was classified ‘A’ uncut for cinema release in 1949 (this meaning children under the age 16 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian) and was subsequently classified ‘PG’ uncut for video release in 1989. The film has now been classified ‘U’ for cinema re-release and contains no material likely to offend or harm. At the start of 2013 Film Critic Barry Norman produced a list of his 50 Greatest British Films of all time and this was in the list.

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