Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet 1968
Review: Review: The story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. A young man and woman meet and instantly fall in love. The only problem is that the two family are bitter enemies. They love each other so much that they are prepared to risk everything.
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Actors: Leonard Whiting, Olivia Hussey, John McEnery and Michael York
Year: 1968
Genre: Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 5/5
For me this is the best Romeo and Juliet adaptation. Well directed. I have not seen it but there is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet staring Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard from 1936. Whether or not you can still get a copy of this I do not know. I think the reason this Franco Zeffirelli film worked so well was because Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey were the right ages to play the parts plus they were not very well known at the time. It is really their first feature film. The balcony scene was amazing. Many of the scenes were filmed on location in Verona. One of the best performances was given by Michael York, playing the part of Tybalt. Franco Zeffirelli focused this film on the subject of love. Paul McCartney was originally asked to play the part of Romeo. At the Academy Awards in 1969 this won two Oscars. They were for Best Cinematography and Costume Design. At the Golden Globe Awards the same year it won three awards and they were for Best English-Language Foreign Film, Most Promising Newcomer – Female and Most Promising Newcomer – Male. This only managed to pick up one Bafta Award also 1969 and that was for Best Costume Design. Olivia Hussey gave a brilliant performance as Juliet.

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