Your Sister’s Sister

Review: Jack attends a memorial party. A year on he is still struggling after the death of his brother. His friend Iris invites him to stay at her family cabin on an Island in the Pacific Northwest. Iris’ sister turns up and they get drunk together.
Director: Lynn Shelton
Actors: Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt
Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Conclusion: 2/5
I found this film to be really dull and not a lot happens in it. The characters in this I found really annoying. I was also not very happy with the ending. For me it just seemed to have stopped in the middle of the film with no conclusion. Rachel Weisz was originally cast in this but dropped out. I think she did the right thing by dropping out. Being in this film would not help anybody’s career.


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