Lawrence Of Arabia


Review: This is a story about TE Lawrence during his World War 1 service in Arabia.
Director: David Lean
Actors: Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness and Anthony Quinn
Year: 1962
Genre: Biography, Adventure, Drama and Classics
Conclusion: 5/5
Such an amazing film!! It is one that will keep you thinking about for days on end once you have watched it. You could say that Lawrence of Arabia was a very selfish thoughtless man for what he did during that time. Despite this being about 4 hours long I would really recommend it. It is a masterpiece. At the Academy Awards in 1963 it won 7 Oscars. They were for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration,Color, Best Cinematography,Color, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Music, Score – Substantially Original, Best Picture and for Best Sound. At the Bafta Awards that same year it won 4 awards and they were for Best British Actor, Best British Film, Best British Screenplay and Best Film from any Source. Also that same year at the Golden Globe Awards it won  4 times. They were for Best Cinematography-Color, Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Motion Picture Director and Best Supporting Actor. It is said to be believed that when the film was released in 1962 the BBFC made some cuts to it. What cuts they made and why they did it I am not too sure about. At the end of 2012 they re-released this film but with all the cuts in. Before they started shooting for this film it took them 2 years just to do the pre-production. It took 14 months to shoot this film. Richard Burton was approached to play the lead role but turned it down. This is listed in Barry Norman’s top 100 favorite films and also his top 50 Greatest British Films that was published in the Radio Times.

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