It’s A Wonderful Life


Review: George Bailey has everything he wants. A lovely wife and kids. He gets heavily in debt and gets really depressed. He gets to that point in life where he wants to commit suicide but an angel appears to him and shows him what life would be like if he had never been born. His whole life changes.
Director: Frank Capra
Actors: James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore
Year: 1946
Genre: Drama, Family, Classics and Fantasy
Conclusion: 5/5
James Stewart was a fantastic actor. I have loved everything he has been in. A classic Christmas film! I could watch this every Christmas. I found it very moving and powerful. What I really don’t understand is that this is a classic film that everyone has watched / should watch and yet just like The Shawshank Redemption never won an Oscar. At the end of the film when they all sing “Auld Lang Syne” the song they originally sing is “Ode to Joy”. Cary Grant was originally going to be cast for this film. James Stewart once said that this is his favorite film he has acted in.When the film came out it lost an awful lot of money and was a complete flop but then it was re-released in 1973 and made some of  its money back. When it came out the BBFC made cuts to it. In 1947 at The Golden Globe Awards Frank Capra won an award for Best Motion Picture Director. This is on Barry Norman’s list of 100 Greatest Films of all time that he produced at the start of 2012 in the Radio Times. A film magazine has just written “This is the all-time great, curl-up-on-the-sofa-with-a-cup-of-tea movie. Not only is it beautifully photographed, but it also contains enough emotional strength to hold your attention for all of its two-hour running time”. It is rumored that there is going to be a sequel to this film.

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