The Day The Earth Stood Still


Review: It is in Washington D.C. and an alien comes. He has a message for everyone and that is to either live peacefully or to be destroyed as a danger to other planets.
Director: Robert Wise
Actors: Michael Rennie, Hugh Marlowe and Patricia Neal
Year: 1951
Genre: Classics, Drama, Sci-Fi and Horror
Conclusion: 4/5
Brilliant film! Really good performances in it. This film has been interpreted quite a few times. There was a remake of it in 1998 with Keanu Reeves but was apparently not very good. The spaceship that was used in this film was made from wood, wire and plaster of Paris. With respect to this film George Lucas named three of the bounty hunters in his Star Wars trilogy. They were “Klaatu”, “Barada” and “Nikto”. This film won an award at the Golden Globes in 1952 for the Best Film Promoting International Understanding. Back in 2007 a film critic wrote “Superb performances by all involved, restrained direction by Wise, and a magnificent and innovative score by Bernard Herrman help keep this 35-year-old film just as relevant today as it was the day it was released”.


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