Don’t Look Now


Review: Laura and John Baxter decide to relocate to Venice after the death of their daughter. They meet two elderly sisters. One of them is a psychic and promises to contact the daughter’s spirit. John starts experiencing his own visions.
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Actors: Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland
Year: 1973
Genre: Drama and Thriller
Conclusion: 4/5
Based on a book by Daphne Du Maurier. One of the best British Films made. Great performances and well directed. I have read that Daphne Du Maurier wrote a letter to the director congratulating him on such a strong adaptation of the story. This is one of Barry Norman’s Greatest British Films. In 1974 this film won 1 Bafta and that was for Best Cinematography. One film critic wrote about this film “It’s a ghost story; it’s a meditation on time, memory and the poignancy of married love. And it’s a masterpiece”.

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