Les Miserables


Review: It is 19th -century France. Jean Valjean is an ex prisoner and works for Javert who is a policeman. Jean breaks his parole to look after Fantine’s daughter. Their lives begin to change.
Director: Tom Hooper
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne
Year: 2012
Genre: Musical, Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 5/5
Excellent film! All of the performances were well cast and well directed. I can’t believe that Tom Hooper wasn’t even nominated for Best Director in any of the awards. All of the cast sang live which is the only time it has ever been done in a film. I would recommend everyone to go and see it. Even though it is over 2 hours long you don’t notice. There is not one dull moment. There were quite a lot of scenes that reminded me of the film Oliver! esspecially scenes involving Sasha Baron-Cohen. It is a very moving and powerful film. At the Golden Globe awards in 2013 it won Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical, Hugh Jackman won Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical and Anne Hathaway won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. At the Baftas the same year it won 4 awards. They were for Make-Up and Hair, Production Design, Sound and Anne Hathaway for Supporting Actress. At the Oscars also 2013 it won 3 Academy awards. They were Best Actress in a Leading Role – Anne Hathaway, Makeup And Hair-styling and Sound Mixing. It is reported that when Anne Hathaway auditioned for her part she left everyone in tears. Many of the cinema goers have clapped at the end of the performance and have come out in tears.


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