The Draughtsman’s Contract


Review: Set in 17th century Wiltshire, an aristocratic wife commissions a young, cocksure draughtsman to produce twelve drawings of her husband’s estate while he is away.
Director: Peter Greenaway
Actors: Anthony Higgins, Janet Suzman, Anne-Louise Lambert, Hugh Fraser, Dave Hill, David Gant, Nicholas Amer, Suzan Crowley, Lynda La Plante, Michael Feast, Alastair G. Cumming and Kate Doherty
Year: 1982
Genre: Comedy, Drama and Mystery
Conclusion: 4/5
A breakthrough hit for Peter Greenaway who directed and wrote the film. I very much enjoyed the music composed by Michael Nyman. This is an art period drama. Apparently, the director’s cut was originally something like 3-4 hours long. In 2003 The British Film Institute digitally restored this motion picture. This film is now regarded as a cult classic.


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