Disappearance at Clifton Hill


Review: A Canadian psychological thriller drama in which a troubled young woman returns to her hometown of Niagara Falls, where she is still haunted by memories of a kidnapping she witnessed as a young child.
Director: Albert Shin
Actors: Addison Tymec, Mikayla Radan, Tim Baresford, Janet Porter, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Elizabeth Saunders, Tuppence Middleton, Connor Lucas-Loan, Devon Hauth, Hannah Gross, Dan Lett, Kris Hagen, Andy McQueen, Eric Johnson, Noah Reid and David Cronenberg
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama, Mystery and Thriller
Conclusion: 2/5
I felt that watching this film it made no sense. It is a really odd little film. I almost feel that the director almost tried too hard and as a full feature length film the story just doesn’t work. I just didn’t get or understand the ending. There is a scene where Abby and Laure go to a restaurant called The Flying Saucer, this is an actual restaurant in Niagara Fall, Ontario. I have to say that without Tuppence Middleton they couldn’t have made this film. She does her best with a weak storyline and script.


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