The Arbor


Review: Portrayal of the late playwright Andrea Dunbar and her daughter Lorraine, set in a downtrodden area of Bradford.
Director: Clio Barnard
Actors: Manjinder Virk, Christine Bottomley, Natalie Gavin, Danny Webb, Kate Rutter, Jimi Mistry, Robert Emms and Kathryn Pogson
Year: 2010
Genre: Biography, Documentary and Drama
Conclusion: 4/5
A film that was originally intended for transmission for television. I think that Clio Barnard is one of the most exciting British directors of our time. This is no means an easy watch as there are some scenes that are very harrowing. It is a very difficult watch. Despite it being these things that I have mentioned I did find the whole film very moving. This is a social realism film along the lines of Ken Loach. This deals with class and exploitation. This is a totally unforgettable film and also one of the most intellectual films I have ever seen.


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