A Christmas Number One


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Review: A comedy in which a man is inspired by his unwell niece to create a musical hit and for his song to hit the number one spot by Christmas day.
Director: Chris Cottam
Actors: Debi Mazar, Freida Pinto, Iwan Rheon, Helena Zengel, Georgia Small, Dan Fredenburgh, Rich Hall, Hannah Steele, Richard Fleeshman, Atul Sharma, Joe Lycett, Giles New, Alex Carter, Alfie Boe, Keiron Self, Jeff Mirza, Clara Batten and Joshua Sinclair-Evans
Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy and Romance
Conclusion: 1/5
There is nothing appealing about this film. Watching this I could get the vibe that Freida Pinto and Iwan Rheon really didn’t enjoy working together. There was no chemistry between them.
This film was filmed in the summer and all the actors had to wear winter clothes. Watching this I found real hard work. I was rather hoping that half way through the film that things would gradually pick up a bit and get better. I also couldn’t work out some of the story line in this for instance whether they were being serious or whether it was just for a bit of fun. Whatever way it was I couldn’t laugh. Both the script and the direction needed to be worked on more. I felt the whole of the filming was just rather rushed and not really thought through. They had this idea but then didn’t know how to progress with it. There were some lines in it that I think were supposed to be funny. If it was someone like Hugh Grant with those lines then it would have worked a lot more (not that I would wish this film on him!). I thought that this film would get me into the Christmas spirit and was really looking forward to watching it but after watching it I was really disappointed.


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