Where Hands Touch


Review: In 1944, a 15-year old bi-racial girl in Nazi Germany meets a member of the Hitler Youth.
Director: Amma Asante
Actors: Abbie Cornish, George MacKay, Christopher Eccleston, Amandla Stenberg, Tom Goodman-Hill, Alec Newman, Olivia Vinall, Lucy Russell, Tomiwa Edun, Will Attenborough, Simon Harrison, Daniel Weyman, Hermione Gulliford, Tim Faraday and Tom Sweet
Year: 2018
Genre: Drama, History, Romance and War
Conclusion: 3/5
I did enjoy this but it is not Amma Asante’s best directorial work. The film I have enjoyed the most is Belle (2013) and I think that will be hard to beat. Where Hand’s Touch is a very well acted historical drama. I think George Mackay is a fantastic actor and have enjoyed all his films. I have to say that I knew nothing about this story before hand considering it is part of history. The main subject in all of Amma Asante’s films is about identity and where you fit in society. It quotes on the IMDb trivia that “According to Asante in a November 2016 interview on Kermode & Mayo’s Film review, the movie was first intended to be shot in 2009 and had been launched at that year’s Cannes. The project however collapsed.” As this was the case I am very pleased that the filming resumed and that this film was finally made. 


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