The Midnight Sky


Review: A post-apocalyptic tale which follows Augustine, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, tries to warn a returning crew of astronauts about a mysterious global catastrophe.
Director: George Clooney
Actors: George Clooney, Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Caoilinn Springall, Kyle Chandler, Demian Bichir, Tiffany Boone, Sophie Rundle, Ethan Peck, Tim Russ, Miriam Shor, Atli Oskar Fjalarsson and Edan Hayhurst
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Conclusion: 3/5
Based on a book with the title ‘Good Morning, Midnight’ by Lily Brooks-Dalton. Fantastic cast list which include the likes of George Clooney (as well as directing this), Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo. It was great to see Sophie Rundle in a full feature length film although I am not quite sure why she was in it or really what part she had to play. I felt that her character wasn’t really developed enough and that she could have had so much more to give. I very much enjoyed the production design. I did find that this was a bit too long and that there should have been about 10mins at least cut from the film. I very much enjoyed the beginning of this film more than the end and felt about half way through it lost its way a bit and didn’t know where to go. I very much enjoyed the musical score by Alexandre Desplat. A great film to watch if you are just looking for something to watch on Netflix. 


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