Blithe Spirit


Review: An eccentric mystic summons the spirit of his first wife during a seance, which creates difficulties in his second marriage of five years.
Director: Edward Hall
Actors: Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Michele Dotrice, Dave Johns, Emilia Fox, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Adil Ray, Judi Dench, Leslie Mann, Simon Kunz, Callie Cooke and Peter A Rogers
Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy and Romance
Conclusion: 2/5
A remake of the 1945, David Lean classic film Blithe Spirit. It doesn’t have any of the wit or sense of humour that the original had. A very strong cast list with the likes of Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher and Judi Dench. They couldn’t have done this film without Judi Dench. This film does not bring anything new or interesting into the film. When production began it was intended to be shown in the cinema and be a big theatrical release. Obviously due to Covid it has just come straight onto Sky Cinema. To be honest if I had to go to the cinema to see this I think I would have been even more deeply disappointed with the outcome. I personally think that this would have worked much better as a mini two part T.V. series on a Sunday night rather than a full feature length film. After watching this all I wanted to do was sit and watch the original version.  


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