Oranges and Sunshine


Review: Set in 1980’s Nottingham, social worker Margaret Humphreys uncovers the truth behind the organised deportation of children from the United Kingdom to Australia during the 1950’s.
Director: Jim Loach
Actors: Emily Watson, Aisling Loftus, Stuart Wolfenden, Lorraine Ashbourne, Richard Dillane, Molly Windsor, Harvey Scrimshaw, Alastair G. Cumming, Kate Rutter, Hugo Weaving and Chrissie Page
Year: 2010
Genre: Art House, Drama, History and International
Conclusion: 3/5
Jim Loach’s directorial film. Watching this film I could see the comparisons with him and his father (Ken Loach) and the love that they both share. Emily Watson gives a standalone performance in this film. She does a terrific job and one in which isn’t an easy one to pull off. Based on a book called Oranges and Sunshine: Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys. Rona Munro has written the script in a very sensitive and understanding way. It is a very hard hitting and painful film to watch just because of its subject matter. The main message is to keep fighting for truth and justice. 


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