The Keeper


Review: This tells the extraordinary true story between a young English woman and a German PoW named Bert Trautmann. He then moves on and secures a position of Goalkeeper at Manchester City. He is most famous for winning the 1956 FA Cup Final and playing on with a broken neck.
Director: Marcus H. Rosenmuller
Actors: David Kross, Freya Mavor, John Henshaw, Harry Melling, Michael Socha, Dave Johns, Barbara Young, Chloe Harris, Mikey Collins, Gary Lewis, Dervla Kirwan, Angus Barnett, Max Befort and Stephan Buschmann
Year: 2018
Genre: Art House, Biography, Drama, International and Romance
Conclusion: 3/5
This film is also known as Trautmann. A story which I knew nothing about beforehand. I found this to be a very remarkable story. Great acting from both the supporting leads, Freya Mavor and David Kross. You don’t even have to be interested in football to enjoy this film. 


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