Queen of the Desert


Review: An extraordinary true story of Gertrude Bell’s life. She was a traveller, writer, archaeologist, explorer and cartographer during the twentieth century. She was also a political attaché for the British Empire in the Middle East.
Director: Werner Herzog
Actors: Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, Damian Lewis, Jay Abdo, Jenny Agutter, David Calder, Christopher Fulford, Holly Earl, Mark Lewis Jones, Beth Goddard, Michael Jenn, William Ellis and John Wark
Year: 2015
Genre: Adventure, Biography and Drama
Conclusion: 2/5
Considering this is directed by Werner Herzog and has got an amazing cast I was expecting it to be much better. It was like they had this idea but once the time came to film nobody was actually interested. Before filming for this Nicole Kidman learnt to ride camels. James Franco replaced Jude Law, who withdrew from the project after it was delayed. I think Jude Law chose wisely. The cast couldn’t be bothered to act and also the script was very poor. It was also well over the two hours which it really didn’t need to be. One film critic wrote about this film “the movie passes as slowly as sand through an hourglass.”.


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