Phantom Thread


Review: Set in the 1950’s post-war London, Reynolds Woodcock is a well known dressmaker and he and his sister Cyril are at the centre of British fashion. His life is disrupted by a young, strong willed woman named Alma, who becomes his muse and lover.
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Actors: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps and Julie Vollono
Year: 2017
Genre: Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 5/5
The musical score is incredible; it was composed by Jonny Greenwood. This is the fourth collaboration between the director and composer. The costume design is quite incredible and very stunning. I enjoyed all the performances including Lesley Manville. It is very sad to think that this is Daniel Day-Lewis’ last performance but what a great film to retire on. His acting is exceptional and faultless. I actually believed in his character and everything he was doing. In preparation for the film just some of the things he did was watched archival footage of 1940s and 1950s fashion shows, studied famous designers, consulted with the curator of fashion and textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London amongst many other things. The acting and everything is done really slowly just like in the old films from the 1940’s. I know it is not based on the same story but it did remind me of films such as The Red Shoes (1948) and there were similarities in Phantom Thread to directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. The great Paul Thomas Anderson also directed Punch-Drunk Love (2002) which I remember really enjoying and it has similarities with that film too. The director initially got this idea while he was sick in bed one day and the idea just came to him. This played out like a fairy-tale. At the Academy Awards in 2018 this won one Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design. Also at the Bafta Awards in 2018 this won again for Best Costume Design. 

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