Funny Cow


Review: A female comedian works in the Northern working mens’ club during the 1970’s and 1980’s. She uses material from her troubled past experiences.
Director: Adrian Shergold
Actors: Stephen Graham, Paddy Considine, Alun Armstrong, Maxine Peake, Christine Bottomley, Kevin Eldon, Diane Morgan, Hebe Beardsall, Tony Pitts, Hannah Walters, Dominic Brunt and John Bishop
Year: 2017
Genre: Art House, International, Comedy and Drama
Conclusion: 3/5
I have not seen Maxine Peake in anything before but thought she was excellent. Her character that she plays makes you want to empathise with her but not make you feel sorry for her. She makes you believe in her character which just shows what a good actress she is to make you do that. As always Paddy Considine gives a very good performance. The script is very well written. This is a very good film although one aspect of it which I was quite shocked about was the amount of strong language that was in it and was not prepared for. There were times where I did feel really uncomfortable watching this. 


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