Review: It is a world where crime almost ceases to exist, a detective meets a woman who threatens the security of a futuristic cloud-based world.
Director: Andrew Niccol
Actors: Clive Owen, Afiya Bennett, Morgan Allen, Jeffrey Men, James Tam, Amanda Seyfried, Jonathan Potts, Rachel Roberts, Sebastian Pigott, David Storch and Amadou Kebe
Year: 2018
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Thriller
Conclusion: 2/5
There is nothing in this that we haven’t already seen been done before. I have to say that I didn’t enjoy this film. The script was really bad. There was music but what it was trying to do with it I really don’t know. I think they were trying to make the film edgier but it just didn’t work. I was waiting for something good to happen but it never came, thought it would get better as the film went on. This is the second time that Amanda Seyfried has worked with Andrew Niccol. The other film was In Time (2011). Considering it has Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried in I was disappointed. Once the film finished I was really confused by what it was all about. This is an utterly forgettable film!! 


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