Who’s There


Review: Tells the story of a young woman named Angie and is dealing with the first Christmas after the death of her mother. Also going on is an immigrant arriving in this country but being abused by her boyfriend.
Director: Fernando Antonio Maffei
Actors: Antonio Magro, Sophie Canare and Greg Hobbs
Year: 2017
Genre: Drama and Short
Conclusion: 4/5
Love this film! You felt that you could actually relate to the characters in the film and felt what they were going through. The girl that was being abused could represent vulnerable people like that all around the world. I bet we just don’t realise the real percentage. Fantastic performances all around, but a particularly powerful performance from Sophie Canare. I like the fact that the whole story-line just got straight to the point and was very simple. I would say that the only thing that does need work on is the sound of the dialogue, which is uneven in quality. I did enjoy the soundtrack and thought that worked really well, done by Stephen Garvey. All filmed in Kidderminster, Worcester, there is a scene that was shot as it was getting dark of a train travelling over a viaduct. I found this really effective and apparently it was just shot on an i-phone X. I couldn’t believe it as it was such good quality. The whole film was actually filmed on a RED Dragon cinema camera. The film is really dark in tone. I was amazed as the whole film was so professional. Very well edited. Well done to Fernando Antonio Maffei who directed this film so well. What a great start. I really hope to see much more work by Fernando and very much looking forward to his next project Artichoke which will be released next year (2018).  

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