Son of Babylon


Review: A twelve year old boy travels with his grandmother on a long journey across Iraq to find her son. He never returned after the 1991 Gulf War. This is set just weeks following the fall of Saddam Hussein.
Director: Mohamed Al Daradji
Actors: Shazada Hussein, Yasser Talib and Bashir Al Majid
Year: 2009
Genre: Art House, International and Drama
Conclusion: 4/5
This is a very painful watch but also at the same time it is a very worthwhile and thought provoking film. There are scenes in this that can be very distressing but also very moving. It is great to watch a film where you don’t know any of the actors. This is directed by the same director who directed The Journey, 2017. The boy in the film gives a brilliant performance and the whole film gives you a chance to get inside the Iraqi culture and really appreciate the terrible suffering their society has gone through.  


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