A Quiet Passion


Review: A true story about the American poet Emily Dickinson. This takes you through from her early days to her later years.
Director: Terence Davies
Actors: Emma Bell, Sara Vertongen, Rose Williams, Benjamin Wainwright, Annette Badland, Joanna Bacon, Jennifer Ehle and Cynthia Nixon
Year: 2016
Genre: Biography and Drama
Conclusion: 4/5
This is a grim and dark story and therefore you could look at this film and think it is about loneliness and suffering. On the other hand you could look at it as a film that would make you laugh and smile. I did find this to be a really hard to watch. It is also very long standing in at 2 hours but overall is a very good film. This is a story which I knew nothing about so found it really interesting. As Emily Dickinson was a poet the film plays out like poetry. Cynthia Nixon plays the old Emily Dickinson and does a very good impression of her. She has actually detected similarities in the personality of Emily Dickinson with her own. To get ready for her role she read a lot of biographies about Emily Dickinson. The cinematography is very well filmed. Terence Davies likes his films to be slow moving and a good example of that is the last film which he worked on called Sunset Song (2015). He has dealt with A Quiet Passion on a very sensitive level. Prior to making this film Terence Davies read six biographies about Emily Dickinson and believes that she is a genius. According to the BBFC insight it just warns us that it has disturbing images. I like the fact that this concentrated on her life and didn’t go off and start talking about her poetry. This is a very sad and heart-breaking film.  


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